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Welcome to the Graphics Forum here at Information Overide's HomePage. For now this forum will just be a place to discuss the different programs and style of demo artwork out there. Also anyone wish to discuss ANSI, this is the place to do it. For those of you who would like to display alittle of their digital artwork, I can display here a small window of your work with comments on the work. Later on I plan to make this and the other forums a real time chat area to talking to others in the above area of demo making. But for now, us here at I/O and anyone wishing to contribute to the forum will just have posted here their messages of wisdom for the rest of us to debate or follow. If you have any ideas by all means contribute what you know for the rest of us. If you wish to post something here in this forum, please send Email to Lord Jon Ray from the bottom of this forum, thanks...

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