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Welcome to Information Overide's Multi-Demoscene Compos Page!

Feb. 1 is the start date for our 1st I/O Compo. We still need support FTP, BBS, and WEB sites for this compo if your intrested in helping please email Lord Jon Ray.

We got an Invite Intro for the I/O Compos with a releash date of Jan. 25, check here or around the demoscene for the file.

I/O Compo FAQ List

- This is the I/O Compos Process Page. It tells how the compos are setup and ran, it also servers as our FAQ list for the I/O Compos, if you have any questions check here.

Submit your compo entrie(s) to Email:



I/O Compo Invite Intro

Site 1


Site 2


Compo Dates

Compo #

Start Date

Entry Deadline

Vote Dates


Feb. 1

April 19

April 20-30


May 1

July 19

July 20-31


Aug. 1

Oct. 18

Oct. 19-31


Nov. 1

Jan. 18

Jan. 19-31

All times are based on Tokyo, Japan time

Compo Areas to Enter

1k Intros

4k Intros

64k Intros

Demos (3 meg. max.)

Trak Music (200k max.)

GFX & Digital Artwork

ANSI Artwork

Select from the Menu above, which compo your intrested in. For more information in that area.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please email Lord Jon Ray. We are open to suggestions. Information Overide would like to keep this thing BIG and going once every 3 months. At the begining of every 3 months, those compos requiring packs will be available the 1st of the 1st compo month But all the intros, trak music, artwork and ANSI submissions must be done by a single artist or coder.

Welp we have rules and restrictions for the compo now up!!! :)

UPDATES on the Compo

This section is to keep you informed on whats going on with I/O-Compos and the latest news.

  • Animations Compo was pulled dued to the large amount of Server space it'd take if you got too many entries.
  • It is being consider based off of the Feb. Compo if I/O-Compo will countinue Monthly or Quartly. This would give the demo compos a greater amount of time to work on their Demo and make for better compition. So the I/O-Compo would be 4 times a year. Instead of once every month. Any this would give us at I/O and on the I/O Compo Team the ability to better the packs and recoup after a large event like this.
  • We're still looking for supporters to help us out on this Compo, as we're trying to create one of the 1st Internet Only - Demo Scene Parties!
  • Depending on how the Compos gos and weather or not we go quaterly, PRIZES or CASH for winning Compos is being considered. But we'd have to do this quarterly as monthly would make us all poor here at I/O :<
  • Please add this URL to your Links or Web Pages as the more who know about it the bigger and better it will be.
  • If you'd like I/O to support a new Compo area, please email us! If you think is a good one and will fit into the Demo Party, We'll most likely add it.
  • We did have this as a Monthly Demo Party Compo via Cyberspace. But dued to the large amounts of compos we'd be out of our minds to try this thing once every month. Plus, someone suggested that if they had more time to write something, maybe the entries would be better too. So We've now gone to a Quartly Demoscene Compo. With Compo start dates of (Feb., May, Aug., and Nov.).
  • We also added a new compo the 4k Intro. Enjoy all you low code hackers!
  • We have an Invite Intro for the I/O Compos, releash date: Jan. 25, 1997
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