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Welcome to the Music Forum here at Information Overide's HomePage. For now this forum will just be a place to discuss the different types and styles of Demo related music out there. Later on, I plan to make this and the other forums a real time chat area to talking to others in the above area of demo making. But for now, us here at I/O and anyone wishing to contribute to the forum will just have posted here their messages of wisdom for the rest of us to debate or follow. If you have any ideas by all means contribute what you know for the rest of us. If you wish to post something here in this forum, please send Email to Lord Jon Ray from the bottom of this forum, thanks...

Message from: lordjr@hi-net.or.jp

Hello to all the demo and non-demo digital musican out there! I do most of my work in S3M (Scream Tracker 3) format, which is a higher form of MODs. I also do MIDs ever now and then as well. I was just wondering who out there writes music for demos and what type of software you are using to write the different styles. I write Hip-hop, House, Techno, Rave, Ambient, Trance, Classical, Euro-Styles, etc. I'm been told by many people to get Fast Tracker to make faster better techno modz, but because I can't get it to work with my SB16 I've stayed with S3Ms. Also does anyone out there know where to get a program for my GUS ACE card that will work well with WIN95??? Talk at ya l8r... P-) Rave On!!!!!!!!!!!

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