Below is a small collection of some of my computer artwork over the years which I don't have displayed anywhere else or on any of my other pages. Everything is done by me, and is my own work. Also the background wallpaper on this page is of my own creation as well. Enjoy...

Art Gallery

Unformal Greeting

Outpost 8, On Distant Alien Planet

Raining Cats & Dogs

Morning Pyramid

Sword & Stone

Warlord Bot

Castle - (made for the MAGE Online project)

Salvia Forest

Various Hand-Drawn Anime


Pic of Animation Description
(235k) Skeleton Warrior Gunner
(MOV - Quicktime Movie)
Click Pic of Animation to Download.
A little pixel animation I made after reading a tutorial on 'selective outlining'.
I call it The Tube.
Its 4 colors, 10k size, and 32x32 pixels so you can right-click and save it for a forum avator.

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