The King of Backwards Stardom!

Real Name: Jon Ray

Me at 44.

Age: 44

Place of Birth: Tyler, Texas USA

Current Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Planet Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy, The Local Group, The Local Supercluster, Known Universe

Native American Heritage: Cherokee Tribe

Music Type: Techno, Rave, Ambient, Trance, Classical, Cyberpunkish, Surf-Music, Reggae, Hip-hop, House, J-Pop, New Age, Spiritual, Industrial, Electronica, R&B, (anything I can sing to!)

Music Genre I write music for: Trance, Industrial, Electronica, Classical, Cyberpunkish

Languages spoken: English, Japanese

Comments: I'm a total surfer. I surf the blue oceans by day & by night you can find me surfing the Net. And when I'm not doing that, I am deep in meditation upon my Shamanism and the healing of mother earth.

P-) Rave On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vast green emeral forest,
deep blue jaded skys,
And the one there who knows me by my sacred name.

              - Lord Jon Ray

Okayama, Japan (2003)
LJR Samurai Soul Great Sand Dunes, Colorado (2002)
Toon LJR LJR(wetsuit) at my surf spot in Japan. Surf Toon LJR

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