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I'm currently working on a prototype Rover Droid in real life, and will be posting information here on my progress. Also will be links of where you can get robotic kits to build your own robots. This will also be the place I list my experiments with the LEGO Mindstorm Robotics Invention System. Feel free to check back later to see this page grow.

Rover Droid ProjectRover Droid Project
This is a snapshot of the Rover Droid I'm designing right now.

LEGO Mindstorm Robot - 1
LEGO Mindstorm Robot 1This is a supped up version of Johnny 5, from the movie Short Circit. As of right now I have only got the design done and haven't worked on any programs for him yet. He has the following features:
  • Head Moves
  • Moveable Arms
  • Touch Sensor in the front for obstical
  • Tube padding guard for turns
  • Single Motor driven
  • 4-wheel design (with back upper wheel in case the robot falls backwards)
  • Head is actually a Light Sensor

  • My other Robots

    TeknoThis is my Tekno puppy, at 1st they are fun. But then the reality of this ain't no AIBO or I-Cybie sets in.
    I-Cybie "Anubis"
    AnubisMeet "Anubis", my I-Cybie. I've had him for awhile now and just never took a picture of him to update this page. Well here he is with his flashing green lights and all. At the moment he is broken down and needs new battries to work again. I just hope I can get some soon as this is my coolest robot and most expensive at the moment. Still I think the Sony AIBOs are better after having this robot for awhile now.
    B.I.O. Bugs
    B.I.O. BugsThese guys are cool.. They're Mark Tilden's creations called B.I.O. Bugs. These are really cool and life like, also they have skill levels and can learn, almost like real life pokemons! Those are their controlers/feeders. Also when they encounter one another, with a IR scan they check the other robot out to see if they are close in levels, if they are then they will fight each other. The one who wins gains a skill level while the other robot will go down a skill. Pretty amazing stuff for so little components on-board. I've got the Red and Blue one. Reds are mean and nasty and very agressive, Blues are fast and quick. Sooner or later I'll have all four colors, I still need a Green and Yellow one.
    My RobosapienStill not so sure about this guy. He seems more like a toy, than a real robot. But he comes with enough commands to keep you busy and guessing at what all he could really do. The standing part is due in large to the fact that he stands on two very heavy feet. This is also where the 'D' size batteries are located making it the heaviest area of the plastic robot. You can read up more here about Robosapien.

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