Welcome to my picture gallery, after hearing about only having a few pics and people wanting more I decided to create this page. I got a digital camera the other day so I can take shots when I'm out on the town, or go on vacation. I'll post any of those kind of pics here.

2001 Pics

June 2001
Just taking some new shots for this page. These were all taken with my new Logitech Traveller Web/Digital QuickCam.Laid back working on my homepage here.I've also got a webcam and this is the last photo taken by my cam.
I have just finished taking a nice long bath.Little bit of a profile shot here.My hair is a little long, but I'd like to grow it out even more.
Tonight I fixed my hair in the Japanese Samurai fasion.Hajimenmashite, dozo yoroshiku, samurai desu!Ready for the attack, wheres my Katana?
Me after an all night chatting, with the Samurai Bushido Hair style of mine.Me after I let my hair down after having it up all night.Ready to join a Metal or Industrial band, where is my guitar?
Here is a pic of me at my Thursday night bowling with some of the guys I work with. These pic look like crap in the dark, gonna have to get another digital camera with a flash!If you noticed in the pics, I don't bowling like everyone else, I have my own style I call, "The Aussie Bowling Style".Took a few snapshot of me before I went out on a Saturday night, for a night of clubing and parties.
My 1st time of trying this new hairstyle and going out.Feeling like I should be in some Japanese Anime film right about now.This is a pic I took for my game character in Baldur's Gate, wearing a Horseman's tunic, Chain mail glove(that I made), leather jacker, Samurai hairstyle, holding my Katana sword.

July 2001
I'm working on my own Independent Film at the moment, these are some snap shots I took for creating the main character in the story.The name of the film is called, "Desert Samurai", and I play the main character in the film.That is my sacred katana there behind me.
Getting a feel for the main character here as he draws his sword.The Samurai warrior displays his blade before his opponent.The warrior is ready for battle!
I wore my summer Kimono that I got while living in Japan for all these shots.Recently got a hair cut, I think she took a little too much off, what do you think?Messy hair after an all nite chat session, see the morning sun peering through the curtains behind me?
This weekend I took a trip to the Hopi Indian Reservation to watch the Kachina Dances. This is me the day before my trip.This is me a day after I got back, notice the difference? (^_^)I sunburn bad, and before you say to wear sunscreen, I DID!! Just not enough I guess?? Anyways this will hopefully turn into a nice tan, then I can get my surfer look back!
Well I was shaving my gotee , and decided to just cut it off.How many years younger do I look now? I bet I look like a teenager again eh?This is me showing my wavy skater spunk hair.
I be going out to the club tonight for all night drinking and dancing, I bet the guy at the door checking IDs will check 3 times.Looking kind of bored, I'm going to go watch the new movie, "Planet of the Apes" now.A nod farewell, to all the ladies! ;-)

August 2001
Chatting with friends tonight.Have been trapped in a game called, "Anarchy Online". So I haven't taking than many new pics.Peeking through my forest of hair, a close up eye shot here!
After work tonight, my left banes just fell over like that, so I kept it.Looking for that lost feeling there, where are you???A rare shot of me in my glasses which I wear some of the time.

September 2001
This is me a few days after the WTC terrorist attacks, trying to get online and chat.Showing off my new home wear style- Big oversized shoes, baggy soft pants, and long shirt.Blue Rapper in style!
Notice one of my new AI robotic toys in the chair behind me (Predator), BIO BUGS!I finally got my i-Cybie robot dog!!! I named him, "Anubis" after the Ancient Egyptian Dog headed god of embalming.Aye, me hair is getting longer...Thats a rap!

October 2001
Yet another nite of chatting.Here in Arizona it October now, but still very hot!Chatting with friends all night tonight.
This capture looks kinda sexy ;PGot me some wine tonight, just sittin back trying to enjoy some time to myself.Cheers!
I'm nervous while awaiting the results of my application to transfer to Okinawa, Japan.Damn! I got a hair cut yesterday, but form the looks of this pic you'd never know!Notice I've got my LJR logo T-shirt, trying to start my own designer brand clothes and stuff, you can see more at my Shop Online.
Would you care for some Beringer 2000 White Zinfandel?Laid back, awaiting my answer for a transfer to Japan. Also another rare shot with me glasses on. 8-)

November 2001
Good evening!Here is one of the first pictures of me with my new guitar I bought myself for my birthday, its a Yamaha acoustic. I'll get an electric one later on.I was online chatting, and found it a good time to practice, hey gotta multitask! Lifes too short to do everything!
If you notice my hat and sweatshirt, those are my LJR brand clothes. I got theses in the mail just the other day.Wondering what that light behind me is? Is a black light. I thought with my white clothing it would go great and make me electric looking. I had 2 black lights for these photos.Here is just a random shot as someone is pagnig me to private chat!?
At this point in my webcam practice I'm really getting down playing some blues.Pimp Daddy GQ pose! Wheres my cane! :-PHang Ten dude!
To hell with chatting, I'm getting back on this guitar. Fingers are hurting about now, but I gotta keep goin.This pic would of looked better on the beach after a day of surfing, beside a campfire.Today I cleaned my house this is me taking break, from both outside and inside cleaning. Just one of those days! ;P
Just messin around this day, looks like I've got the door open doing more yard work!Well, well a very rare site outside my corporate workplace! This is how I look when I go to work, quite different from the other pics eh?Also finally got a haircut, yeah! Showing off my rare Corporate look.
Hmmm wondering if look good like this? Or should I of kept my long hair?

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