Welcome to my picture gallery, after many people asking for more pics of me. I've gone wild with my digital webcam/camera. So the following pages are dedicated to me and my craziness! (^_^) Also I've added an archive pages where you can click on the year below to see pics of me from that year.

2002 Pics

March 2002
Whats sup dude!? Its a new year and I've gone 4 months without posting any pics!Well this is me in my new pad. I moved to Denver, CO.As you can see I've gotten my long hair back, but need to get it cut to style. Anyone know a decent barber round here?
Its been snowing on and off lately, ths is how I normally look when I go outside.Take the hood off, lift the shades, and this is me!But since its cold out there, I think I'll go back to cool guy mode! :P
Profile shot, damn I'm lonely here in Denver! Hate being the new guy in town.Displaying for the girlz, my cute guy mode.I think I look younger now than I did in 2001? You can click the 2001 above to see all my pics from last year.
Well here I am alone in Denver, I got a new ride, a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero XLS 4x4 SUV! I know I look young and outta place, but its all mine!!! Now I can pimp the streets in style, or head to the mountains to go snowboarding!

April 2002
Today as warm, so warm I had to use the AC in my new ride. Its nice for a change.Finally got that haircut I needed! Just in time too since its too warm to where my skull cap.Hey! Are you look at me!? Naw. Are you looking AT ME?!
Hmm my stupid dumb-founded look of ponderment?Beware the watchers! -LJRFound me a Metashop today it was in a historic small town, like one of those small towns you see in a movie. I'm looking for a good place to supply my ever need of incenses! My face looking kinda ghostly here, time for some sun!
What have we here!?? This is a rare look into my studio where I create my music and DJ. This is a shot of my Yamaha Keyboards.At the keys playing some Improv Trance, amazing stuff if you ever get to hear my live.Doing a little spinning over at my Private DJ stand. I know its dark and you can't see much, I need more BLACK LIGHTS!!!
Here is a shot of my DJ stand lit only by black lights. I'll get some day time pics of it later. I just love the mood the black light put me in. Kinda that club like feeling.Here I am working on my newest Trance tune, this song is nothing like I've done before. Kinda Trance and gothic like all in one.You have no idea the power of the Dark Trance side. P-)

May 2002
Oi, konnichiwa.. Jon desu.
Today's adventure in Yakisoba cooking, with your cool LJR.
Today was my 1st time to try to cook Instant Yakisoba, here its the 1st bite.. oh the horror!!Well now.. This don't taste too bad, a friend from Japan sent this and more to me from Japan and all the Instructions were in Japanese. I could only read about half of the Hiragana and Kanji and improvised where I thought needed. It ended up not tasting so bad for instant food. Domo! (^_^)
Well I finally got around to getting ready to go see Star Wars II "Attack of the Clones" today. This is a shot of me before I went to see the movie.Now this is me after I returned.Wow! Look! LJR has his own Light Saber!!! Who would of ever guess he is really a Jedi Knight!?
Simply to mess with your mind.Hey!! This looks like my online Web Comic, www.kemetcomics.com! How in the world did I get here?Khen - And this here Tutkor is the dude who draws us every week, he is whats known as a wannabe cartoonist.
Tutkor - Wow, the creator!! From that look on his face, looks like he could use an RPG potion.
LJR - Wha?!
Wow, I've haven't posted this many pics in one month is awhile!Perhaps this is a bit of insight into the recent boredom that is my life.Going for that Lord Jon Ray of Arabia kinda look. All I need now are some sand dunes and a horse. As well as a trusty saber!
You know, sometimes reality for me just seems to fade into fantasy. I guess that kinda thing happens to creative people like myself?We see what is before, and then we see who we wish to become or what we would like to be, but it doesn't stop there.Like somedays I just feel like a Cyborg Monkey swinging from a tree.
Other days I feel like we're all really trapped inside some Virtual Matrix enviroment. But for what higher purpose?Perhaps in another world I'm really sitting here all cyberpunk'ed out!... and then, sometimes I just sit here in front of this thing and snap shots for the world to see!
Just got home from work.. working on finishing up some graphical work for last night pics. I haven't looked like this in awhile so I took some pics of me working.Hmm kinda like a Hippe Kinda Jon. But a girl I was talking to said I looked like some professional soccer player she saw. :P

June 2002
Got my hair cut again :PHope its not too short, not really liking it even though others say they do, I'm gonna grow it out again.Finally starting to get out here in Denver now that the weather is warmer. Downtown is quite nice at night.
Just taking some new pose shots here.Hmm.. why am I here taking shots of myself on a Friday night? Time to get outta here!LJR's Death Spikes
My current choice of beer, Corona!Funky mode, engage!Ankhs like me, they're always hanging around somewhere.
My Gothic Boi pose notice I've still got the Death Spikes.Were I on a SouthPark Episode, this would be me!My Ode to the Matrix.
Its Saturday night, and I'm going out -time to unplug.I'm wearing this futuristic looking skin shirt which I bought in Tokyo. Also got some jeans I can dance in, I prefer clubs/dance floors over bars.Well one last click before I head out the door, going clubbin in downtown Denver tonight!
Just playing around kinda making a cartoonist LJR, but I think its more spook!A thus begins a little show I began for some of the cam portals I'm on. The next few shots are part of a little story I made up of me during my gaming days of Morrowind. I got it 2 days ago for the XBox and enjoying so far.The captions will make the statements, but I'll just comment on the pics here. Here I'm suppose to have died in my game so I'm looking for a potion to bring me back to life. Looking for hand outs from the crowd, anyone?
This shot I'm showing off my 3D castle scene which I need to get more castle scenes done as I get a lot of people liking my 3D work. Also I'm walking around inside a medieval game, still a ghost trying to find a potion to bring me back to life.In this scene I've finally found a restoration potion laying around in a wizard's tower. Just kinda helped myself to it I did!Finally after escaping to the forest I drink the potion and come back to life with all my health. Except I seem a bit pale..hmm?? What it the right potion??! :O
Now the "You killed me, you must pay scene", with cheesy out-of-sync Kung-Fu music playing in the background.I'll leave the Morrowind adventures for another time, mean while here I am going into Intelligent Punk Mode, why? Don't ask..Tonight I felt like showing off the mage inside.
Casting a summoning spell here, not sure what will happen? The guy in the tent said an imp, but he had an evil grin when he said it.This is the last photo taken before my cam shut off and all hell broke loose, guess its back to Spells 101 again.Promoting my music, listing my genres. I working on music this weekend, nothing down on track though. :(

July 2002
Wow last month has so many pics! Its call all the Cam Portals I'm on now, I give'em fresh pics just about daily now.Well its a new month and very hot here in Denver, I took this 2 shots in memory of the days I use to surf in Japan. I really miss those days, I may take my board out of storage and get a photo shot of it later, also need to repair a moving ding, UGH!Ok its been over a year now since I last shaved my gotee, time for a change. What do ya think huh? Look a hella lot younger I bet. Also gonna grow my hair out some more.
Its that time again, but I'm gonna leave it long, just shave around the sides, last barber I think tried to give me a mullet, NO!!!!!!Trying to convey that a picture is worth a thousand words with the help of 1 word to get you started.Another in my words with 3d graphics which convey ideas.
I'm not really into mindless nationalism, but these are 3 ideas of a just cause. Presented here in candy wrapper style are the meaning of the Red,White, and Blue of the American flag the day AFTER Inderpendance day.Finally got a hair cut but you can't tell in this words that convey shot.Here is a clearer shot of the new hair cut, shaved all that crap in the back off! Now I just need to style it a bit more. Death to the Mullet! :D
When I took this pic I thought of myself to be a bit evil, so I elaborated on the that theme.Playing mind tricks on you the viewer, feeling ok???This picture is dedicated to my Native American heritage, sometimes I do get a calling to things of the past and old.
Feeling the need to display some inner emotions with a Cyberpunk vibe at the moment.Hmm.. Amazing what red will do for me, or is this just how I look after waking up?!Ok back by demand, some funky crazy hair style for everyone who enjoys these types of pics. I call this one, "The Eagle has Landed" in tribute to the Apollo Space missions to the moon. :D
After taking all those enhanced photos, thought I'd just do a quick shoot of normal clicks like I use to do.I should be sleeping, but I've got so much to accomplished before the flame of this soul expires. We all come with shelf-life didn't you know!?
Let the battle begin, Over next few days I'm going to do a little snapshot show of Me vs. Yoda, enjoy...LJR-1 / Yoda-0and then... We were some how transported to a desert plain, where the battle continued.
Today I just didn't feel like doing any of the star wars stuff.LJR-1 / Yoda-1In a film this would be the characters close-ups as they make remarks to one another.
If you seen the movie DUNE or perhaps read the books, you'll have a clue whats going on in this pic.Its been years now and I still find myself attracted to Trance music. Viva la Trance!If your wondering what I'm saying here, learn Japanese.
Just saw the movie K-Pak.Pretty good movie so I recommend it for the intelligent of mind, otherwise you most likely won't get it.This and the last 2 photos inspired thought from the movie K-Pak. I'm ready to jump offworld already!

August 2002
Just me being a geeky show off! :PLooks like less pics this month, but I've got tons of them in the Trips area. This is a snap of me after getting home from work, tired...Found some charcoal in my fireplace and decided to put on my war paint! The warrior.
A scene inspired when I saw myself in warpaint, representing more of a Shamanistic level than a warrior.Hmm not sure what I was thinking or doing here.. Just thought I'd look cool with silver long hair and a magical red glowing hair ban.All night study as I may, not getting anywhere with my problems. The highlight was when I skipped to a chapter on XML. Made my first XML document tonight! Yippe!
Look what eating Oompas candy can inspire!!?Promo'in the music! Have you heard?I see a sharped defined outline of my face in this pose, can you notice?
Well up until just a few days ago I owned the DVD Buckaroo Banzai, an old sci-fi/cult film from 1984. But I had never watched all of it, always got inturupted in the past.I just love that theme song, something about it reminds me almost of the Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo 8bit system.These shots were my ode to the movie, as I loved it.. Trying to make some clashing style like that of the early 80s.
Remember! No matter where you go, there you are!Were I a purple alien M&M set out to conqure the world, perhaps I'd look something like this?Tyrel Corporation has sent me on a mission, Cyberpunk!
Later that night I found my target, retired a replicant. Job completed, I headed back to the Helio Pad, a Tokyo nightclub in the Shibuya district.Been working on my Ancient Egyptian Lives website. This is more what this scene refers to.Tutankhamun + Me = This cross over, some said cool, others referred to it as scary, you decide!

September 2002
There is more than one message in this photo, can you find them all? I really like this one personally.LJR between the pillars of time?Going with my Egyptian theme week, here I show off my two favorite Ancient Egyptian deities. Thoth & Amun-Ra.
MAJOR UPDATE: I decided it was time for a change. So I've cut my hair! It hasn't been this short since I was in the military. LJR ver 2.0.Friday night just sitting back playing some tunes on my guitar, with my new hair style. I'm going for the spike look here.All work without a vacation, I just need to getaway to ancient lands.
Ended up staying awake for 3 days with no sleep. This was not cause I wanted or tried to do this, this is me about midway.My tribute to 9/11/01, you can see in this photo of me WTC in NYC.Taken after a night at work! Didn't sleep the whole day though till around 9pm. Getting back into my screenwriter/director mode for some movies I plan to make.
This one has an under laying message for someone out there I know on a personal level. You know who you are.I'm so surprised I waited this long to get a Video Camcorder. Sony DV DCR-TRV140, let the filming begin.Almost rolled my truck in the middle of nowhere, but I got some usable footage of the Rocky Mountains and scouted some places for my upcoming film. This is me after the day's events.
Doing some research for my movie script, mostly dealing with the late 1800s.In the middle of filming a short film, I stop for a quick snapshot.Updated human version of the Chinese legendary, "Monkey King".

October 2002
A nice lil snap from the floor looking up at your god? er..????? no.. Just some weird 8 ball looking dude.Hmmm too bad.. this pictures turned out looking more geeky than intended.. guess when your a real geek, it just shows eh?Hmm?? Not sure whats going on in this caption, perhaps he is looking for that chic up in the right corner?
Beware! Creatures of the night lurk everywhere.Something to reflect the current moment in time from where I sit. Moments fade in just as they fade out.A few weeks before all hallow's eve, got a MAD vampire thing going on here, who seems to have a Blacklight fetish.

November 2002
Well I've started a new clay animated series called Toby Bear, here we are hangin out after a day of shooting. He is wearing his clay version of my hat. That lil bear! Always trying to copy me, now that he is a big shot movie star!Feeling that my face appears to be very white due to the snow we've been getting around here and feeling like I've been living in a cave, I thought I would express myself in this manner, as a lad awaking in 2002 from a cave, 700 years later.Hmmm not really sure about this pic. I was trying to update but now I'm running Windows XP, and my cam is having mega problems! This is the caption I got right before the cam paused and locked up, thus the name.
So cold here, wishing I was in someplace warmer like Kemet(Egypt).

December 2002
Born from his own ashes, LJR returns!

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