Welcome to my picture gallery, after many people asking for more pics of me. I've gone wild with my digital webcam/camera. So the following pages are dedicated to me and my craziness! (^_^) Also I've added an archive pages where you can click on the year below to see pics of me from that year.

2003 Pics

January 2003
Sure has been busy around here for a new year. Upgraded to Windows XP, and ever since then my webcam has been messed up because of it. Will soon try to just use my capture card and video camcorder to take pics. Ever now and then I can get the webcam to work for just a few secs which is how I got this take. Cheers to everyone for the new year.Watching the Golden Globes tonight, preparing my speech early.When down and out about something I turn to me trusty ole pipe. Hard choices are going on me head this day. Cheers!

February 2003
Looking forward to warmer weather!I've set myself upon a mission. To be living in Japan no matter what by 2004!Well today was my first time to cook Japanese Salmon Steak! Green beans there on the side with Chopsticks in the foreground. It didn't taste half bad either.

March 2003
Well finally made it back to Japan. Here I am at Himeji castle near Osaka, Japan. This update comes to you while I'm still here in Japan.This is me in front of Dogo Onsen(Hot Springs) in Matsuyama City, Shikoku Island, Japan. It has the record of being the oldest onsen in Japan at 3000 years old. Nice but small for such a famous place.

May 2003
Will be moving soon. Got another hair cut in the spike style. But I'm really looking worn out these days cause of all the stress in my life. So I decided to go for an artistic approach with this pic.

June 2003
Well this is my first pic at my new place in Phoenix, Arizona. Finally back online!Got a new headset, looks like I should be station on mars or something with the lighting.

July 2003
Toby Bear Episode 3 shown tonight in an downtown Phoenix art gallery, this is be once I got back home.Well its that time again, time I get a freak'in haircut. But before I go, just wanted to share with you a rare breed. Something known as, "THE WHITE MAN'S AFRO!". Look how well he inmates a monkey! :(|) eep!Saw my first rain here in the desert tonight, since I moved to Phoenix.
This is for someone, and she knows who she is...

September 2003
Agohige mattane!!! The goatee is dead!!! (for awhile) also shorter hair.Trying out my new Canon Digital Camera. Its hard to take good photos of myself though. Still need to get a webcam. This image remains me of the muted scene in the first Matrix.Spent all of today in Nothing, AZ where we are filming the short independent movie, Driving Arizona. Got roasted like a lobster after yesterday and today's productions!!

October 2003
A snap shot of me out and about in Japan. This was a Doraimon kid's game outside in a small shopping center park in Takaoka, Japan. If you look close you can see a guy wearing a leather jacket and black hat. He was one of the members of a band setting up to play at the park that day.Me, halloween 2003 decked out in Cyberpunk Garb. My character image here reminds me of something out of the movie Strange Days.

November 2003
Feeling kinda blue today and just playing the guitar in the rain.

December 2003
This picture captures my current feelings of the time while portraying my inner beliefs. There are messages in this image if you can read into the layers.

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