Welcome to my picture gallery, after many people asking for more pics of me. I've gone wild with my digital webcam/camera. So the following pages are dedicated to me and my craziness! (^_^) Also I've added an archive pages where you can click on the year below to see pics of me from that year.

2004 Pics

January 2004
Just getting around to updating a new pic for the new year. I don't take as many personal pics as I use to.Just expressing ideas and data into a weave here.

February 2004
Me at this year's Renaissance Festival here in Arizona. Its better when you attend in garb.Just a shout out to my friends of the Intelligentsia Network.

March 2004
I took a trip to Japan back in October, 2003. I still have to get this to my trip pics area, but till then here is a shot of my walking on the beach outside of Toyama, Japan.Living in a cold world, I often find myself loosing sight of what is truly important.A promo campic for my film site of LJR Productions.

May 2004
Wow.. seems like a lifetime has passed since I last updated this area of my website! Well took a quick snap shot to show my skater banes have grown back! I think I will be cutting my hair next month though. Gets hot here in Arizona during the summer time!

July 2004
Wished I had gotten a photo of the before pic, but.. oh well.. here is new summer hair style, kinda going back to the late 80s here. In other news, I found my long time missing Tony Hawk skateboard the other day at my brother's place. So maybe I'll get some shots of me busting my ass, trying to skate again?

August 2004
Took this pic and decided to introduce my cartoon characters. I'm learning how to make Flash cartoons at the moment and these are 4 main characters from "The Dragon Lore Inn Adventures." You can find out more info on my cartoons at: www.ljrproductions.comWent to see "The Cure" in concert tonight sporting my death spikes!

September 2004
Got ready for a night on the town and the infinite vortex of twist begins.

November 2004
Shooting a movie this week with canadian diretor: Greg Dyke. Here is a snap shot of us on location in Arizona day 1 of shooting.Finally decided to cut my hair short again. I took a before and after of the day I cut my hair. Lucky for me, my hair grows back fast!

December 2004
For the first time, I attended the GenCon in SoCal for 2004. This is a day I dressed up with my friend for the Costume Contest that was held later that night.Me and my friend entered the Historial category of the contest as "A Noble Lord and his Lady." We are center stage with the other winners as we got 2nd place in the contest and won some cash as well$$

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