Welcome to my picture gallery, after many people asking for more pics of me. I've gone wild with my digital webcam/camera. So the following pages are dedicated to me and my craziness! (^_^) Also I've added an archive pages where you can click on the year below to see pics of me from that year.

2005 Pics

February 2005
Got this awesome black travelers robe from back in October for my birthday, but never got a pic of me wearing it until now. In post work, I wasn't sure if I wanted to lean towards a Dark Jedi Knight or Black Robe Mage. I picked the Black Robe Mage since I'm feeling more medieval at the moment.

March 2005
Just another Sunday..

May 2005
Attended the 2005 Coachella Music Festival this year. I saw lots of great bands over the weekend. Here I am close to the stage, while watching the Prodigy perform live on stage, it was a good night!Went to see Nine Inch Nails w/The Dresden Dolls at SOMA in San Diego, CA. Was a nice crowd and good concert.

July 2005
Spent the 4th of July this year in Sedona, Arizona! Was back in Phoenix during the evening to catch the fireworks.Here on the set of a short film I produced for the 48 Hour Film Challenge for Phoenix, Arizona. The short film "Cook'in Jacks" will premiere at the Harkins Centerpoint Theater in Tempe, Aug. 4th. This movie has karaoke, shotglass monkeys, muppets and zombies! It was a fun film to work on.

August 2005
Went to Ozzfest for the first time, got to see Rob Zombie in concert!

October 2005
GreenDay came to town and I finally got to see them in concert... Thanks Bunny Lolita!! ;)Spent my birthday in Flagstaff, Arizona. Was about 30 degrees from the normal 80 degrees I'm use to down in Phoenix. You can't see it, but there is a train passing by on the left side. Its mostly a blur....

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