I took a solo trip to the Rocky Mountains finally. Along the way I took some snap shots to show. Ever once in awhile I just like to get out in nature away from civilization, and just relax. I also normally like to bring along some instruments and place music out in the middle of no where, kind gives me that returning something back to nature feeling. While I was on this trip I hear the howling in the distance of wild wolves. Luckly I didn't run into any bears or wolves, and had myself a plesant time, also to get out to this place I was at, I finally got to use my SUV for what it was made for, off-roading!! It the pictures of the dirt road are examples, pretty nice dirt road actually for being out in the middle of no where. I always travel deep into the forest just to get away. I was shooting all these at low resolution except 4 of them which are in high-res, so the quality is not that great :( Also it was hard taking photos of mylself but I made as much use of the timer and jumping around between boulders as I could without killing myself. High resolution pics are at the bottom.

Nature Trip in Colorado (May 2002)

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