I had a friend from Japan come visit me this month and this is one of the trips we took here in Colorado. Great Sand Dunes National Monument, in the south west part of the state close to Pueblo, was our destination this time. I have a new found respect for people who live in the desert where sand dunes by the likes of these are made, also a bit of advice, never try to walk up the face of a sand dune. My legs are still in pain as I write this from the heavy workout I got climbing to the top of the tallest dune in the park. Once I reached my intended summit, I took out some flutes and played some soft native American music of my own creation. It was a peaceful feeling up on top of the dune, nothing to be heard but that of the wind, and the sounds my flutes played bouncing off the dips and curves of the surrounding sand dunes. This trip also gave me a good feel for being in Egypt, and I was swept away in its natural beauty.

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado (August 2002)

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