I had a friend from Japan come visit me this month and this is one of the trips we took here in Colorado. Argo Gold Mines and the Indian Hot Springs and Resort was our place of destination on this day. The Argo mines and milling place is located in Idaho Springs, CO. Its about a 35min. drive west of Denver. The Argo Tunnel was a one of a kind transportation tunnel dug from Idaho Springs, to Central City up deep in the Gold Mining hills of the Rocky Mountains. Smaller gold mines all connected to the ARGO tunnel were large carts on tracks carried the ore out to the mill to be processed. While there I also took some shots from inside the mill with natural lighting. At the end of the tour I taught my friend how to pan for gold, no nuggets on this day. :( Also the last smaller pic is at the Indian Hot Springs, I took another shot of us walking into the place with the sign out front but I guess that pic didn't take!? The resort has 2 tunnels dug out of solid rock into the mountain side. Inside there are hot spas for both men and women, to soak up in the hot mineral springs of the area, this was great!! as it reminded me of the onsens I use to visit while living in Japan.

Argo Gold Mines, Colorado (August 2002)

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