My first time in Osaka, Japan (March 2003)

Himeji Castle - Himeji, Japan (March 2003)

Peace Park - Hiroshima, Japan (March 2003)

Dinner at a Yakiniku Restaurant - Tsuyama, Japan (March 2003)

Ice Cream in Kagawa-ken - Shikoku, Japan (March 2003)

Kani Feast - Matsuyama, Japan (March 2003)

Matsuyama Castle - Matsuyama, Japan (March 2003)

Dogo Onsen - Matsuyama, Japan (March 2003)

Okutsu Onsen - Okayama, Japan (March 2003)*NEW*

United States

Trip to Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona (October 2001)

Nature Trip in Colorado (May 2002)

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado (August 2002)

Argo Gold Mines, Colorado (August 2002)